Froggy The Fun Scale™

Leapfrog your Math Skills with Froggy!

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Where learning meets play! This interactive STEM toy engages children in exciting math challenges, promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills while they help Froggy balance objects and conquer equations. Hop on board and unleash the power of educational fun!

Encourages Collaboration and Social Skills

Many STEM toys are designed for group play, encouraging collaboration and cooperation among children. By working together, they learn important social skills such as communication, teamwork, negotiation, and sharing. This aspect is often lacking in solitary iPad use.

Real-World Applications

Many STEM toys aim to connect abstract concepts to real-world applications, making learning more tangible and relatable for children. By engaging with physical models, experiments, or coding activities, children can see how STEM principles are applied in everyday life, fostering a deeper understanding of their relevance.

Screen Time Balance

The excessive screen time may have negative effects on children's development, such as reduced physical activity, limited social interactions, and potential adverse effects on attention span. STEM toys provide an alternative that allows children to learn and engage without being solely dependent on screens.


Froggy The Fun Scale is an absolute hit in our household! My kids can't get enough of the interactive gameplay and the joy of solving math problems while helping Froggy balance objects. It's a brilliant way to make math engaging and entertaining.

Brenda R.

As an educator, I highly recommend Froggy The Fun Scale for classroom use. It's an excellent tool to reinforce math concepts in a hands-on and collaborative manner. The adjustable difficulty levels cater to students of different abilities, making it a versatile and effective educational resource.

Linda W.

I bought Froggy The Fun Scale for my 7-year-old niece, and she absolutely loves it! The game not only helped improve her math skills but also boosted her confidence. It's a fantastic toy that seamlessly combines learning and play.

Mark D.